Welcome to Norton C of E Primary School

written by a year 6 pupil

Norton School is more than a school
It's a refuge, a sanctuary
It's a place where children can be free
To be what they want

There's artists with piles of creativity that could be applied
There's lawyers with persuasive words that could be written
There's authors with imagination destined to be set free
There's scientists with incredible inventions that could be noticed
There's mathematicians with boundless knowledge that could be challenged
There's children that need to talk with no one to talk to
There's friendships that could be made but have never even met yet

I've learnt at Norton....
There's artists with piles of creativity that will be applied
There's lawyers with persuasive words that will be written
There's scientists with incredible inventions that will be noticed
There's mathematicians with boundless knowledge that will be challenged
There's children that need to talk now they are a group
There's friendships that have been made and are now unbreakable

Here at Norton, I met my best friends
I have everything I've ever dreamed of
Mrs Farren (Head Teacher) likes to meet each family individually and show them round the school to see it in action and answer any questions. Most Friday afternoons we have a sharing assembly which a lot of our parents attend. Prospective parents have the opportunity to join us for this assembly.

Please contact Mrs Bluck or Mrs Farren on 01452 730531 to arrange a conveninet date and time.

A welcome from Mrs Farren...

I am proud to lead a wonderful team who are dedicated, skilled and caring. Everyone who works at Norton has shared values and aims; ensuring that each child reaches their full potential. We know that this can only be achieved when children feel confident enough to learn from their mistakes and challenged to reach personal goals in a happy and exciting learning environment.

The school continues to go from strength to strength. We have grown from teaching in mixed age classes to single year groups which is hugely beneficial when looking at the progression of the curriculum. We are big enough to provide an array of clubs and extra- curricular activities; small enough to know each child and family individually.

We have had much to celebrate over the past few years….

  • We were one of the first schools in Gloucestershire to achieve Mental Health Champion status and have highly trained staff members who guide children through life’s challenges with great skill and care.
  • Our Sporting achievements include winning both boys and girls football tournaments and leagues.  We have a talented sports coach who ensures quality P.E teaching across all year groups, focussing on fundamental skills and building every child into the best sports person they can be.
  • We have high academic expectations and teaching is consistently strong from Reception to Year 6 with teachers leading groups in the County for Maths.

 Norton team provides exciting learning opportunities where children can express themselves and develop their self-confidence. With a strong moral base running alongside excellent teaching, we support children to become successful, confident individuals ready for the challenges of secondary school and beyond.

Jane Farren - Head Teacher

Norton Primary School

Our Vision:

Hope: (strive) that our children lead happy and fulfilled lives through seeing the best in others and in themselves; they are resilient, forward looking and appreciative

Wisdom: (Think) that our children have the essential knowledge, skills and behaviours to guarantee that they thrive in modern Britain; the wisdom to preserve the beauty of our planet; the wisdom to make informed, positive decisions

Community: (Act)  our children celebrate differences and value everyone in our Norton family and wider community; they celebrate belonging to a local, national and international community as they respect difference and expect inclusion

Respect: (Respect) our children know that everyone has the right to be themselves. Norton is a place where everyone can feel safe, be happy and learn. Everyone at our school is equal and acts with respect and kindness towards each other. Our children respect themselves and are proud to be part of an inclusive school. 

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