Class 2

Welcome to Year 2.

In Year 2, we strive to ensure that all children feel safe, secure and confident both in their learning and school life. Through our creative curriculum and learning experiences, we will provide children with the skills and knowledge in order to prepare them for life in modern Britain.

Over the year, we see great strides of progress as the children learn in more depth and refine their skills, becoming more independent and taking greater ownership of their learning.

Our learning is based around three main topics that are linked to most subjects across the curriculum. This provides great opportunities for contextualised learning and makes it meaningful for the children.

Autumn Term – A Bear called Paddington

Spring Term – Castles, Knights and Fairy tales

Summer Term – An Island Home


We expect our children to read every day: the benefits, both academic and social, are huge! Comments should be recorded in their reading record. These are checked throughout the week and need be in school every day.

A great way to help your child to love reading is to show that you enjoy reading too. Reading together and creating discussion from books will not only help your child with their learning but also show that reading is pleasurable. In class, we timetable opportunities to read for pleasure, fostering a love of reading through listening to stories, class library time, opportunities to share our favourite books in our Year 2 reading journal and taking home ‘Reading Buddies’ (soft toys) to read to.

Below is a link to some suggested books for year 2 you could read together (or to your child). This is a great reference and could be used as a starting point when visiting the local library or when visiting a bookshop.




In Year 2, the children will consolidate their recognition of the graphemes previously learnt in Year 1.  They will learn further spelling patterns and rules, and begin to apply these in their writing. They will look at the possessive apostrophe, homophones, and near-homophones and suffixes.

Each week, the phonics focus is attached inside the children’s reading records. This reinforces the learning taught in the classroom and encourages children to notice any of the graphemes/ spelling rules when reading at home.



Teacher Assessment is carried out both formally and informally to give an end of Key stage level in Year 2 for Reading, Writing and Maths. Teacher Assessment carries on all year and statutory SATs papers are carried out over a period of weeks in May. These are used to confirm the teacher’s assessment of the children as part of the assessment process.


Year 2 is a fun but important year. It is the final year of Key Stage 1 and the Infants. Please let the school know if you would like any additional information.