Class 3

Welcome to Year 3!
At Norton, we ensure that our children to have the skills and knowledge to lead happy, fulfilling lives in modern Britain. In year 3 we teach this through our three main topics:
Digging into the Stone Age (A chronological study of prehistoric Britain)
We want our children to have the essential knowledge of chronology and where the ages of the past fit together in relation to the present day. In this topic, we look at the origins of modern Britain and how technology began. By looking at where we have come from we can learn to be forward looking and appreciative of where we are today. We use texts on the stone age for basis for our own writing and reading as well as a most exciting science topic – rocks!
The Many Plates of Japan (a topic based on Japan, its culture as well as earthquakes and volcanoes)
In this topic we look at how we are members of an international community, how we can celebrate these differences, and how some cultures differ from our own by focusing on the country of Japan. We will be looking at some of the differences in cuisine from the far east, at why there are so many earthquakes and volcanoes in Japan, at some of the traditional fairy tales told to Japanese children for our writing and using atlases to find countries.
(Ancient) “Greece” is the word. (How Ancient Greece contributed to our modern-day life)
Through our topic of Ancient Greece, we will learn about how great philosophers asked big questions about the world and how we can use these inquisitive skills ourselves. We will be learning about how the Ancient Greeks formed a fundamental British value, namely democracy, and its use in our parliament. We will be engaging in debate and learning about how we may have differing points of view, but these can still be expressed with respect and kindness for each other. We learn about how historians learned about the past and where Ancient Greece falls into the chronology of the world.
Beginning Key Stage Two:
We want the learning for our children to be enjoyable and memorable by providing as many varied experiences as possible. As our children are transitioning into their first year of Key Stage Two, we work on our children’s growing independence in their learning, their possessions and relationships. Our expectations of behaviour continue to be incredibly high as we demonstrate respect by our actions towards others and ourselves.
Maths in Year 3 at Norton:
At Norton C of E primary school, we believe in the importance of sharing a positive attitude towards mathematics with your child. Specifically, research has shown that female role models who display a “can-do” attitude and growth mindset have a significant impact on pupil attitudes towards mathematics*. By encouraging a positive attitude, we can help our children develop a love for math and build their confidence in tackling challenging problems. It is crucial to emphasize that anyone can excel in mathematics with the right mindset and support. By fostering a positive attitude towards maths at home and at school, we can empower our children, especially our girls, to embrace the subject and reach their full potential. * Research conducted by the University of Washington and the University of California, Berkeley.
Reading in Year 3 at Norton:
We expect our children to read every day and fill in their reading records, which are checked weekly and should be in school every day. Reading is not only great for learning but also for enjoyment. A great way of helping a child to learn to love reading is to show them that you also enjoy reading too. This could be from them seeing you read, or enjoying discussion about books. Below is a link to some suggested books for Year 3 you could read together (or to your child)
  • Daily Reading at home to an adult with reading records signed for a Friday.
  • Weekly spelling tests on a Friday, set the week before.
  • Weekly number sense and/or times tables activities set and due in on Wednesdays.