Class 4

In Year 4, children develop their independence whilst finding a good sense of what being a Norton Star is all about. Whilst being in year 4 we really want to encourage children to have a real sense of maturity and problem solving skills which can be used both inside and outside school life, ready for life in modern Britain.

In Year 4, we have a statutory multiplication check that takes place in June. Children have 25 questions to answer with 6 seconds for each question. Therefore, weekly practise on Times Tables Rockstars is vital as it is exactly the same format as the government check. More information about the multiplication check can be found here:


Our learning is based around three main topics that are linked to most subjects across the curriculum:

Autumn Term – What was life like in Ancient Egypt?

Spring Term – Could you survive in the rainforest?

Summer Term – What have the Romans done for us?


We have a weekly spelling check every Friday. Spellings are based on a mixture between our phonic focus sounds for the week and words from the Year 3/4 statutory spelling list.

We also have weekly maths homework that goes home every Friday. This is based on either number and place value or one of the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division).

Weekly practise on Times Tables Rockstars.


We expect children to read every day and be filling in their reading journals whenever they read. In year 4, children can read independently or with an adult. Reading is not only crucial for learning but also for enjoyment. A great way to show enjoyment in reading is to show children that you enjoy reading too. Reading together and creating discussion from books will not only help your child with their learning but also show that reading is pleasurable. Below is a link for suggested books for Year 4:


We also have the opportunity to visit the school library every Monday. Here, we read our class book and children have the chance to choose their own library book to take home for the week.