Mission Statement

Through our curriculum we teach our Christian values: courage, friendship, peace, forgiveness, thanks and truth so that our children are prepared spiritually, morally and culturally for life in modern Britain.


The staff team provide consistently high quality education as our cohesive approach to achieving outstanding outcomes is shared by all staff. Our philosophy (STARS (Strive, Think, Act, Respect, Shine) value) drives the school forward and all members of the school community use our stars to guide their behaviours. Strive, Think, Act, Respect are also our school ‘houses.’



Courage, we always have the courage to try new and exciting things, and we can always ask for help if we need it!

Friendship, our school is full of wonderful friendships, they come in all shapes and sizes, different ages and genders!

Peace, although we are all different, our love and respect means that we live in a peaceful world.

Forgiveness, we always forgive others and make up, as we hope others will do the same for us.

Thanks, we are thankful for our friends, family, teachers, dinner ladies, cleaners and our amazing school!

Truth, we strive to always tell the truth, to each other and to adults. We tell someone if we find things tricky and we know we will always be listened to!



We aim to provide an excellent education based on sound Christian values, enabling all children to reach their full potential. Our supportive, caring and secure learning environment will foster individual self-confidence and respect. We will work in partnership with the local community to promote children’s safety and happiness and to celebrate their achievements.