2021 Testimonials

(Please note any children’s names have been removed)


“My child absolutely loves his time at school. He is forever talking about what he plays and who he plays with. Thank you for all you do!”
“Thank you for everything you do with her, she’s come on so much since starting at Little Learners and she loves coming there.”
“We are very proud of his progress.”
“She really enjoys Little Learners and we are so pleased to hear that the full days are really helping her to come out of her shell to become her usual funny, chatty self! She is always talking about her friends and teachers – keep up the fab work! Thank you!”
“He has settled so well this term and is making friends. He always comes home happy (and tired!) from having so much fun!”
“We are so proud of how well he is settling into Little Learners and making new friends. He is so happy to walk to school every day and see his friends.”
“We have certainly seen a positive difference in her since she started at Little Learners. She loves attending Norton and looks forward to walking to school every morning to learn and see all of her friends!”
“She is enjoying preschool and looks forward to going every week. She tells me excitedly what she has got up to during the session, and we look at the comments and pictures on class Dojo together every day.”
“We are really happy with how she’s come on with her listening and manners! She loves Little Learners!”
“She totally loves coming into school like a ‘big girl’! She cries every weekend when there’s no school! She loves all the activities you do with her and her speech has come on so well as well! Thank you for everything that you do with her.”

2019 Testimonials

(Please note any children’s names have been removed)


 “I particularly like the fact that my child is so happy, secure and thriving. I think that speaks volumes. But I also like that staff are so approachable, friendly, child centred and obviously love the job!”


“I particularly like the staff – they could be based in the local smelly tip and they would still love it at LL.”


“My child loves coming to NLL he gets so excited and doesn’t want to have days off which is lovely to know he is happy”


“I like that NLL communicate a lot with the school it’s not going to be a shock to start school.”


“Lovely, friendly staff who bring out the best in the children. I love the variety of activities and especially their time spent outdoors.”


“My child is happy, settled and secure at NLL. Any problems have been identified and acted upon quickly and sensitively.”


“Oh Little Learners how we love you all! My child is happiest on a ‘school day’. The activities you offer and the opportunities the children get to embrace being 3 years old is totally amazing!! Thank you.”


“My child really loves Little Learners and asks if she can go every day… even weekends!”


“Thank you for making my child feel so welcome, he loves coming to Little Learners.”


“My child loves NLL and all the children in there. She has come on so well with her learning. Thanks girls!”


“We are extremely pleased with how our child has fitted into LL and also how she has come out of her shell a lot more than she had at her previous nursery!”


“My child is learning brilliantly in LL and loves the sessions. Thank you.”