Extended Services - Before & After School Club

Due to Covid-19 all children using this facility will be kept in bubble where possible.


We offer the before and after school club for working parents with children attending Norton School or Norton Little Learners.  Some of our pupils like to attend this facility so they can stay at school and have more fun!  Both the before and after school clubs are run by members of Norton School staff.



  • Before School - 8:00am until 8:45am, Monday to Friday                         
  • After School - 3:15pm until 5:30pm, Monday and Thursday, 3:15pm until 5pm, Tuesday and Wednesday (Due to Covid-19 please provide your child with a snack)




Price increase with effect from 1st January 2020 

  • Before School Club -- 85p for school children per session / £1.25 for NLL children per session (this is due to an earlier start for school children due to Covid-19)
  • After School Club until 5pm -- £4.08 per child per session 
  • After School Club until 5:30pm -- £5.05 per child per session 
  • Late Fee -- £5 per 15 minutes


  • Payment is required on receipt of an invoice. Invoices will be sent out at the end of each month.

We pride ourselves on offering extended services whilst striving to keep our prices low, as this remains a non-profit making service. The charges will be reviewed again during the autumn term 2020 for January 2021.

Please find the booking form below.

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