Friends of Norton School

Registered Charity No. 1042955

Friends of Norton School (FoNS)


We are an informal group of parents who are focused on raising money to enhance the school experience for all the children of Norton School, whether that be through additional equipment, activities or resources that may not otherwise be possible to provide within the school budget.


We are working with School to understand how we can best support them this year and would welcome ideas from parents as to what you care about and would like to see FoNS support too.


Our Committee Members:

  •  Joint Chair:                Penny Balding & Kate Harris
  • Secretary:                   

  • Treasurer:                   Simon Coles

  • Vice Chair:                   Kirsty Loveridge

  • Vice Secretary:           Michelle Zygmount-Terry

  • Vice Treasurer:           Lucy Chandler


Please do not hesitate to contact any of the above if you have any questions, ideas, or would like to get involved in whatever capacity you can offer.


Kate & Penny