Parent consultation booking system is live

30th October 2018

We would like to invite you to school to see your child’s work and meet your child’s teacher. This is an opportunity to discuss progress. Please do try to come in for this appointment as good communication between school and home is very important for your child. If neither dates are possible for you, please contact school (01452 730531) to arrange an alternative meeting time.


Each meeting will last for 10 minutes; please do not expect teachers to talk for any longer than this on this occasion as they have many parents to see. You are welcome to come into school for 10 minutes before your appointment to have a look at your child’s work, please come into school through the front entrance. After School Club will be available for children to wait in (please sign them in and out) whilst you have your meeting or you may of course wish your child to attend the meeting - that decision is yours.


Please note:  If your child is in class 4 you cannot select a specific teacher.  The system indicates Mrs Parker-Standley but you could be seen by either Mrs Parker-Standly or Mrs Cook.


A summary report will be sent home Monday 12th November. This is intended to enhance communication at the meeting. A full academic report will be sent home in July.


If you have any problems, please speak to Mrs Bluck.