Pricing/Free for 3&4 Funding

Current Prices


  • Full day: £30.65  (6 hours)
  • Session: £15.90  (3 hours)
  • Hourly: £5.50
  • Late fee: £3.47 per 15 minutes.
  • Snack: 25p per day
Prices from 1st January 2021
  • Full day: £31.25  (6 hours)
  • Session: £16.22  (3 hours)
  • Hourly: £5.61
  • Late fee: £3.54 per 15 minutes.
  • Snack: 28p per day
Prices will be reviewed Autumn 2021 for January 2022.

Funding – Free for 3 & 4

Norton Little Learners is registered to take part in the Free for 3&4 Funding scheme and the extended 30 hours childcare with a valid eligibility code. Parents/carers must apply for the eligibility code (issued by HMRC) by:


 31st August for the autumn term

 31st December for the spring term

 31st March for the summer term


A parent/carer is required to complete a funding declaration form for each term (autumn, spring and summer). This must be returned to Little Learners by the required date to ensure the correct funding is received. If funding hours increase or decrease within a term it is the parents/carers responsibility to complete the paperwork to make the funding adjustments.