Starting back in September

We hope for school to return on 8th March but this is dependant on the government announcement.
When schools return:
Drop off time will be flexible within a given time slot which is dependant on the number of children returning to reduce congestion and limit the number of adults waiting at the gate at any one time.  Important:  Please leave as soon as you have your child/ren and remember to social distance.
Changes due to the pandemic:
We have been assured that it is safe for children to return to school in March and believe that school is the best and safest place for all our children to be. We have conducted a thorough risk assessment in light of COVID-19 and have put in place changes to the school routine in order to minimise risk. A thorough risk assessment can be found below. However, we would like to share the main points with you.
  • Children will be taught, and spend the day, in their year group class or ‘bubbles’
  • Lunches will be staggered and packed lunches (from home or provided by our school lunch provider) eaten in the classroom
  • Please make sure that your child’s clothes are washed as regularly as possible and home hygiene routines are strict
  • Hand sanitising and regular hand washing will be an important and regular part of our daily routine
  • Only one adult to bring/collect a child from school (to minimise congestion) please
  • Only adults from Norton staff to be on the school premises (to minimise risk)
  • Due to the pandemic, please do not stay and chat at drop off and pick up times
  • Please respect social distancing rules at all times to reduce the risk of contamination. The guidance is still 2m where possible, 1m (with masks) if this is not possible
  • Please phone the school or message your teacher if you have any queries