Class 1

Year 1 


At Norton, we place huge importance on encouraging each and every child to flourish, supporting them to be the very best they can in order to prepare them for life in modern Britain. In Year 1, the children make the gradual transition away from a play based curriculum. Children continue to have opportunities for free choice (particularly at the start of the year), whilst there is movement towards more focused lessons (particularly in English and maths). Phonics and guided reading sessions take place daily; building on crucial skills.


The phonics focus is shared weekly; being attached in their reading records. Working through these with your child will be of huge value as this reinforces the learning taking place in the classroom.

Throughout the year we will focus on three main topics; explorers and adventurers, tell me a story and beaches and oceans. Much of our written work links to these themes, providing opportunities for contextualised learning.

The importance of regular reading cannot be underestimated and we strongly encourage you to read regularly at home with your child; the benefits of this are huge on so many levels. Please read at home as regularly as possible and make a comment in reading records.

Below is a link which will take you to ‘100 recommended books for Year 1.’ This is a great reference and could be used as a starting point when visiting the local library, or when looking for gifts!



In Year 1, children take part in a phonics screening check. This is a national test for children in Year 1 which is taken during June on a one to one basis. You will be invited to a meeting in term 3 to discuss this in more detail. 

Year 1 is an exciting year! Please let the school know if you would like any more information.