School Values

Our School Vision:

Through our curriculum we teach our Christian values so that our children are prepared spiritually, morally and culturally for a life in modern Britain.

Strive:  that our children lead happy and fulfilled lives through seeing the best in others and in themselves; they are resilient, forward looking and appreciative

Think:  that our children have the essential knowledge, skills and behaviours to guarantee that they thrive in modern Britain; the wisdom to preserve the beauty of our planet; the wisdom to make informed, positive decisions

Act:  that our children celebrate differences and value everyone in our Norton family and wider community; they celebrate belonging to a local, national and international community and they expect inclusion

Respect:  our children know that everyone has the right to be themselves. Norton is a place where everyone can feel safe, be happy and learn. Everyone at our school is equal and acts with respect and kindness towards each other. Our children respect themselves and are proud to be part of an inclusive school.


Term 1 - Courage
Term 2 - Friendship
Term 3 - Peace
Term 4 - Forgiveness
Term 5 - Thanks
Term 6 - Truth